Individualized 1 on 1 ABA Training for Students with ASD

Children with ASD may present behaviour problems in many forms such as tantrums, self-stimulation, rigidities, aggression, self-harm, etc.  Also, they are often found to exhibit difficulties in foundation skills of communication, social and learning, such as poor understanding of nonverbal and verbal language, limited attention, concentration and motivation in classes and tasks.

In a large group setting of mainstream schools, teachers need to ensure every student is progressing and learning at a similar pace in standard school curriculum.  To minimize the behavior problems of students with ASD, as well as to help them to learn as effectively as other students, proactive training and educational intervention programs for children with ASD are crucial.

Autism Partnership offers 1 on 1 ABA training that deals with students’ problems exhibited in school and helps them to learn effectively and independently in the school environment.

How it works?

  • Proactive ABA training
  • A dedicated Consultant responsible for program design, case evaluation and monitoring
  • One dedicated therapist to one student
  • Consultation with Consultant before program commencement to set goals with teacher
  • Tailor-made curriculum according to the needs of the student
  • Learning and practice in different settings under school environment
  • Monthly meeting with Consultant and teacher to review student’s progress

Target Students

  • Students of Pre-Nursery/ Kindergarten, Primary School and Secondary School
  • Students diagnosed with ASD/ with symptoms of ASD/ with behavioral problems

Class details

  • Time: School days (exclude public holidays)
  • Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours per session (min. 12 hours/course and complete within a month)
  • Location: In school or in AP center (1 specific address)
  • Language: English / Cantonese

* Student must complete the “Formal Assessment/ Informal Observation” by AP.  To ensure quality training, we provide tailor-made treatment plan and services to each student based on the advisory from AP consultants.

* The date and time are to be further communicate between school and consultant.

Learn more and book the Assessment & Consultation for your student.

Phone No.: +852 2526 3812

Students with ASD might varies between individuals, you are also welcome to join the existing 1-on-1 program in Autism Partnership (center in Quarry Bay):