Autism Partnership is dedicating on spreading knowledge of ASD and ABA and offering support for parents and professionals around the world. The footprint of Autism Partnership has covered numerous countries and cities, we’ve delivered hundreds of events – including meetings, conferences, workshops, lectures and webinars with renowned organizations all over the world.

Our Mission and Vision:

To raise public awareness and knowledge about ASD and inclusive community

  • Advocate effective treatments (AP method) for autism and adhere to an interventional, educational and developmental perspective that is guided by ABA
  • Strengthen the knowledges and skills of parents, teachers and professionals caring for individuals with ASD

If you share the same vision and mission with us, you are welcome to reach us for further discussion.

World Autism Awareness Month – Collaboration

April is World Autism Awareness Month, dedicated to increasing awareness about Autism Spectrum Disorder. If you would like to collaborate an Autism Awareness event with us or invite our consultants to be your speakers to promote ASD and ABA, welcome to send us an invitation.


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