Drawing on over 40 years of experience in ABA and treatment of ASD, AP has been dedicated to providing quality ABA services and has published a wide selection of books and products on ABA and ASD for parents, therapists, and related professionals.

To spread the knowledge of ASD and ABA, as well as to help more families who are struggling with ASD, all publishing service-providers or organizations are welcomed to reach us for collaborations. The collaboration can be but not limited to distribution, co-publishing, wholesale etc…


A Work In Progress

(HKD 250)

A Work In Progress A comprehensive guide for any parent or professional working with autistic children


Crafting Connections

(HKD 250)

Crafting Connections Contemporary applied behavior analysis (ABA) for enriching the social lives of persons with Autism Spectrum Disorder


It’s Time for School!

(HKD 250)

Building Quality ABA Educational Programs for Students with Autism spectrum disorder


Sense and Nonsense in the Behavioral Treatment of Autism: It Has To Be Said



A Work In Progress Video Series


Building on the seminal guide and curriculum A Work in Progress, Autism Partnership has followed up with this highly anticipated companion series.


Clinical Judgment

(HKD 180)

Both inspiring and controversial, Clinical Judgement is a fascinating and enjoyable read for any ABA practitioner.


Token Economy Set

(HKD 300)

An extremely effective contingency management system, including 10 token board designs and a guidebook with 5 teaching videos


Group Chart Set

(HKD 380)

An effective classroom teaching tool for school teachers and therapists, including 8 group charts and 16 colorful pegs with 5 teaching videos


Comprehension Training Set

(HKD 450)

An effective teaching material for parents, teachers and therapists to use at home and in a class setting to teach a wide range of comprehension programs.


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