Social skills are an integral part of functioning in society. Displaying good manners, communicating effectively with others, being considerate of the feelings of others and expressing personal needs are all important components of solid social skills. Developing social skills in children prepares them for a lifetime of healthier interactions in all aspects of life.

For children with ASD, he/she might encounter with some social deficits:
  • Having difficulties in making friends
  • Inability to read non-verbal communication cues
  • Cannot start or keep conversations going
  • Inappropriate facial expressions and body language
  • Limited or unusual pretend play
  • Lack of awareness of others’ feelings and empathy
  • Difficulty working with others
  • Difficulty with problem solving

Autism Partnership runs various social skills groups for children with ASD, which is aiming to develop their confidence and interest towards other peers. A fun and exciting structure of activities are individually created to meet each student’s needs and objectives.

For 6-8 years old:
Provide guidance for the increasing social demands in primary school.

The Buddies emphasizes in teaching social skills that are required in primary settings such as how to interact and communicate with friends in classroom, during recess or project time.

For 9-11 years old:
Focus on social subtleties to successfully maintain relationships.

i-Club targets individualized needs through various school simulations and exposure to new interests, such as technology and new trends that are popular at this age.

Advance social skills and emotional coping skills, such as social inference perspective taking skills, managing unpleasant events, discussion and conversational skills, online safety and time management will also be targeted and worked on in the group.

The Buddies iClub
Age Group 6 – 8 9 – 11
Language English/Cantonese
Class Size 6 students
Teacher to Student Ratio 1:3
How many sessions per month 4
How long each session 16:30 -18:30 (weekday)
Location AP Quarry Bay Center
Price Service Fee 2022
What skills does the class cover?
  • Social Initiation Skills
  • Interactive Play Skills
  • Joining-in Skills
  • Friendship Skills
  • Discussion & Conversation Skills
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Emotion-regulation Skills
  • Self-comfort Skills
Social Skills Groups are suitable for children who:
  1. are studying in mainstream schools but aren’t developing social skills as quickly as their peers.
  2. are motivated for friendship
  3. have minimal behavioral problems that can be benefited from a group setting
  4. have some insight and keen for making improvements